Time-based fee

A third possibility would be to agree on a time-based fee. This is the usual remuneration agreement when consulting enterprises. If an enterprise is founded, reorganized or liquidated or if a complex structure for company succession is constructed, one can usually not calculate flat fees. Fees in accordance with the above mentioned regulation are normally too low or too high. So only time-based fees offer a fair kind of remuneration that is in the interest of client and counsel.

Our hourly rate depends on

–                    the difficulty of your case

–                    the value of your lawsuit

–                    and the resulting liability risk for our chambers

We charge you by the minute. Each month you receive a bill for each case with a detailled description of our activities. It provides you with information on which professional or other member of our team worked on which day for how long on your case. We consider cost transparency as a matter of course and our clients appreciate it highly – since it can be rarely found these days.