Labor Law

Labor Law is our main focus

We advise small-sized and medium-sized companies on all individual and collective labor law issues as well as procedural law.


Individual Labor Law

Our attorneys advise and document all types of employment contracts and issues.

We especially focus on advising employers on the special situation of dismissals. We appear in any labor court in Germany up to the Federal Labor Court.

Furthermore we can support you concerning the following issues:

• Drafting of employment and service contracts

• Mutual terminations of employment and service contracts

• Matters concerning the Equal Treatment and Anti-Discrimination Act

• Temporary employment and posting of employees

• Employment of trainees apprentices and interns

• Maternity leave and parental leave

• Disabled Persons Act

• Wage and hour legislation

• Drafting and revision of reference letters

• Preparation of formal warnings


Collective Labor Law

In Germany, the collective labor law comprises the freedom of association, the laws governing collective wage agreements and industrial dispute as well as the right of co-determination.

In this field, we focus on advice and representation in works council negotiations regarding Social Plans and Conciliation of Interests Agreements. 


Furthermore, we support you with following issues:

• All co-determination matters

• Matters related to the Works Constitution Act

• Transfer of undertakings

• Corporate restructurings

• Mergers & Acquisitions